[SOLVED] Enable Web Interface before logging into a profile

Is there any way to enable the web interface before logging into a profile?

I couldn’t find anything about.

Solution here

This is a Kodi specific issue that you should address there. OSMC has no bearing on your problem.

Sorry, thanks for quick reply

Interesting request. The only problem is the web interface gives access to library and this can vary by profile.


I need it because it’s a headless system, by now I’m doing it with a guest profile that loads on boot.
Then I access my profile (master user) from settings, but that does not allow more than one real profile as all other users should know the master user password to change to their profile.

I’ve already asked in kodi forum, so wait till response…
By now i have been able to enable web interface on boot with guisettings.xml of the root user, but besides it starts i’m unable to properly connect to it because authentication always fails

Solved it with a guest account that loads on startup and adding json-rpc custom actions (Profiles.LoadProfile) to the controller system