[SOLVED]Has my update to latest version failed somehow?

Hi everyone,

First post on this community, since I’m testing osmc for a week now, operating a transition from Open Elec after changing my Rpi B+ for a Rpi 3b.

So far it’s been great, but this morning I’ve had the update popping up, and encountered two issues in the process : one warning my about a corrupted filesystem, still the update could continue, and the other one less obvious related to two osmc automatic reboots ending up with a bad smiley figure.

I must admit I’m very weak on linux Os, however I’m capable of doing the basic SSH/script launching/nano editing/etc… therefore I’m happy to follow any advice.

MyOSMC still displays “OSMC December 2017 2017.12-1” on the lower left corner, which I guess means the Debian stretch update of Jan has failed.
Nevertheless the Kodi version in the log lookgs good : “Starting Kodi (17.6). Platform: Linux ARM (Thumb) 32-bit”

So simple question : Has the update really failed, and how may I recover ?

Full logs : https://paste.osmc.tv/ufetexaqic

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read !


Well, is it up and running and working as you expect? The update was the December update, so what you are seeing is correct.

Thanks mate.

In the meantime I checked a few posts here and noticed that

  • I was expected to see January something, but the release is definitively December
  • The bad smiley (or sad face) reboot happens upon update and shouldn’t be considered as a failure.

Therefore, I guess I have no issue.

I’m changing the title.

Wish you a great day !

The idea is that the name (month) of the update is the end of the month where all the changes were made. This one was a bit odd because of the major changes with Stretch delayed the update a bit. But since it was early in Jan, it makes sense to leave it as Dec so a Jan update come out.

If you have any issues with the new update, feel free to ask. And welcome to the forum!