[Solved] HDD icon flashing?


I have a problem with my HDD, each time it is connected, OSMC keep flashing an icon on the top right part of the screen, I’m not sure why. It never fails to catch my eye, including when I’m watching a movie which, I’m sure, you can understand why it bother me :wink:

Any idea why it keeps happening and how to remove it ?

Thanks a lot for your help guys.

Well a little bit of search for “rainbow color square” would have given you an idea.
This is the indication that the voltage is falling under 5V and therefore an indication that your powersupply is not up to the task. Either get your HDD externally powered (e.g powered USB hub) or get a proper powersupply for the PI e.g.:

I did some research, I probably missed it, sry about that. I’m using my TV usb port as power supply, I guess I’m switching for an external power supply.

Thanks for your help, take care.

Never do that!

  1. The TV USB socket doesn’t provide enough current
  2. The TV USB socket may just remove the power from the Pi without proper shutdown

Just for help, search function within OSMC forum (magnify glass top right) is very useful

I just try with a regular power supply, it works perfectly.

Thanks again.