Solved: How to configure Confluence or use Amber?

On my RaspBMC Pi I am using Amber because of its neat appearance and the fact that it could be configured to show the menu vertically instead of the horizontal band with no overview.
Now with OSMC I find that I miss the way Amber works, for instance when navigating the vertical menus the selection moves rather than the items. I find it very annoying that the menu items roll out of sight as in OSMC.
So I decided to change the skin, but only Confluence was available besides OSMC.
Tested to switch to it and had the horizontal menu ribbon I hate…

Is it possibel now to configure Confluence to use vertical menus? If so how?
When I decided for Amber was well over a year ago, so things may have changed…

Next I tried to load Amber via the menu (had to download and install it) and at first it seemed to work, but when I tried to access Amber’s settings in order to set the vertical menus, I was shown a sad face only (I assume it means that Amber crashed).

Is it possible to use Amber in OSMC or is it not supported?

Question 3:
Is there some other low resource skin that will put the main menu vertically rather than horizontally and will not scroll the menu up/down except when the selection reaches the end?

You can use Amber skin with OSMC/Kodi, I have tried it myself (but went back to Confluence). You just have to install the Amber skin using the add on manager

I went ahead and re-enabled the Amber skin and after a search through various configuration menus I managed to find the setting to enable the vertical menu and also to switch off the menu items I won’t use.
So I am happy with this now, the media center works just fine as far as I can tell now. :smile: