[Solved]How to get to command line?

I can’t connect via wifi and have read other post on how to fix it, but cannot find a command line in OSMC Alpha 4, How do I access it? This is on a raspberry Pi 2 B.


check out the wiki

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So there is no way to get a command line within OSMC itself?

It says so in the provided link:

Exiting Kodi

Navigate to the power icon in Kodi
Select Exit
Press ESC on your keyboard
Login to your device.

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So, I understand the instructions for getting to a command line and in theory it’s simple enough. The problem I’m having is I can’t find the power icon.

I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong or not but all I see is the OSMC screen after boot up, I can browse through the OSMC menus but I can’t seem to find the power icon. When I set up the install I selected Pi2 and chose the RC option which I believe were the correct options.

Is the power icon hidden in a sub menu somewhere?

I need to be able to get to a command line so I can setup my WiPi wireless adapter and bluetooth adapter.

I also thought OSMC is the successor to RaspBMC, however I notice that OSMC seems to be more it’s own thing rather than a KODI port. At least I’m not seeing anything that states KODI. So it’s possible I’ve messed something up with the install or my understanding of what OSMC is.

Keep scrolling down when on the main menu.

Thank you CaNsA. I had thought I was at the bottom (mouse wouldn’t scroll the menu down); I started using the keyboard to navigate through OSMC and found the power options at the bottom.

WiPi is up and I’m working on the bluetooth adapter. Thanks again for your help.

How do we actually re-start OSMC / Kodi once we’re in command line?

I’ve tried sudo systemctl start mediacenter and have not found a much on google.

A simple reboot would be one way around it but that might not be suitable for your needs.

I am having a similar issue. I finally found “exit” in power menu. When I click it, i get sent to a screen with osmc on it like it’s actually exiting, then I just end up on the default main osmc screen again. I cannot get a console for the life of me. Installed transmission app and it won’t even start up… This OS seems nice but nothing seems to work.

I guess you have to press the button at a certain time. My bad. Just really hard to figure that out I guess lol. I’m more at home with cli. I’m using apt to install a few things in hopes they will show up AND work from the OSMC desktop

Than I assume you know how to access OSMC via SSH giving you all the freedom you need.

Sure. But I didn’t set it up and any linux distro should and does usually have local terminal. Still, can’t get a lot of kodi stuff setup like you can in kodi. Can’t get deleted, no deleted, transmission doesn’t work still… Hopefully OSMC irons this stuff out soon. Seems like it has great potential. Also can’t seem to find an easy way to configure VPN connections… Idk. I’ll keep trying lol

Moderator: References to banned addons deleted.

Transmission can be installed via App Store, and VPN can be configured via ConnMan, have a quick search.

Re. Pirate Addons: we can’t provide support I’m afraid, but we don’t do prevent any Addons from running on OSMC. You have complete control of your device.