[SOLVED]Htsp live TV SD no picture

I just set up tvheadend (latest stable) with the fritzbox 6490 tuners (on a remote Ubuntu machine with lots of power, memory and storage) activated the plugin and was quite happy for a moment, because my first attempt was a HD channel, as I had assumed that they were the ones to be problematic, but they are all fine. Then I switched to a SD channel and was buffeled, audio is working fine, but I get a blank screen :frowning:
I tried different streaming profiles than htsp, and except pass and matroska, where osmc keeps telling me they wouldn’t exist, they are working with audio and video, but performance and image quality are not acceptable, so it’s not an option to use them.
Anyone with a solution out of the box?
I’ll provide logs later, as I’m just killing time in the doctors waiting room right now.

For anyone visiting this via search:
If you don’t have mpeg2 license keys and a raspberry pi >= 2 try disabling hardware acceleration, if you’ve got an older raspi and/or have legal concerns about it, purchase a license key.

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