[SOLVED - I thinks :)]OSMC - HDMI + Scart video output usage... it's possibly?

I have finally buy a LG LED TV… i tryed to connect my Rasp Pi2 using HDMI and not working (i ever used the rca output on my old tv to yesterday) and i need some question:
I need to make working the HDMI and the RCA output at the same time… it’s possibly ?? If not how i can switch during osmc it’s running ?

OK i’m found a way!!! HDMI it’s working whitout a problems for audio and video… i need simply to restart osmc only whit HDMI connected on my Rasp Pi2.

Now it’s possibly i need to know:

  • How it’s possibly to combine and use all 2 video output at same time (and i have connect the rca output when hdmi working and on scart no video on tv)…
  • How how i can switch whitout restart osmc and connect/disconnect alternately (when i watch on tv i can use HDMI… use scart output when i need to send video output on my old video projector as i always do).

Thanks in advance…

Neither are possible. Pi determines which output to use at boot time.

Ops… Neither (google translate can’t translate it to italian… it’s no or yes ) ?? It’s no possibly ? I can only swap manually the cables and restart osmc ?

Both simultaneously is not possible. You must reboot to switch between the two.

Damn :slight_smile: I need to found alternate solution… like hdmi split whit rca output or similar :smile:

Or simply put in trash my old homevideo project and buy a newest whit hdmi support :smile:

This thread, i thinks, can be marken as SOLVED and closed… before to ask here i have tryed to google but no response i have found :slight_smile:

If the projector can accept VGA, then it may be possible to use a HDMI splitter, and feed the projector through a HDMI to VGA lead (I use these, and have leads which provide the audio from the HDMI as a separated component through an audio-jack socket.
I don’t think it would be possible to (economically) do the conversion through to a SCART connection

mmmmmmmmmmm… very interesting… i need to investigate on it :smile:

Another question:
If i turn on my Rasp Pi2 before to turn on my TV i obtain a black screen (i thinks because OSMC can’t find the HDMI activated). For watch the tv at this point i need to restart OSMC… it’s normal ?

I need to force the activation of HDMI ?? Now i need to turn my TV and only after that i can turn on my Pi2…

You can avoid the need to turn on the TV first to get a visible picture by using the OSMC settings to first save the EDID info, and subsequently to use this instead of trying to read it. You may also need to set it to assume output is to be HDMI.
I’m sorry that I cannot at present give more detail, as I don’t have a running system near me.

I can resolve editin the config.txt ? When you can suggest some value for me… thanks in advance…


I try to add the hdmi force in config.txt… after it’s not work i try to create and copy the edid.dat to /boot path…