[Solved] Issues with Harmony One remote and GPIO IR sensor

Hi all,

I’m having some issues getting my Logitech Harmony One remote to control OSMC on my RPi2.

I have an IR receiver plugged into GPIO pin 18 using 5V. I’ve set MyHarmony using the Media Center Extender as the device to control and I’ve set OSMC’s remote settings to rc6-mce-lircd.conf.

Using ssh, I can see that my remote’s button presses are being received by the IR receiver but I can’t control Kodi using it.

Is there any way to get this working? I’ve searched everywhere and come up with nothing.

Thanks in advance!

Did you use the MyOSMC configuration addon to select the remote you are using?

Yes I did. I selected the rc6-mce-lircd.conf from the list of remotes available. I came across that from another thread here but for some reason it didn’t work with my setup.

Don’t do that. You must use a 3.3v compatible TSOP receiver such as the TSOP38238 and power it from the 3.3 volt pin.

It will not work reliably or at all if you are running it from 5 volts or using an unsuitable model of TSOP receiver. Not all IR receivers are compatible with the Pi or with 3.3 volt operation. The one I listed above is one that is definitely known to work.

So I had a bit of a… special… moment. I was going by the model number from the website of the retailer I purchased the sensor from. I couldn’t find a single bit of information on it and I got to thinking that I had connected it improperly since I saw pictures online that had the power and ground switched around. So I tried switching them on mine and now it doesn’t seem to be registering anything at all. Is it possible to short circuit these sensors?

And the kicker? I dug out the little baggie it came in and on the sticker itself is TSOP38238.

Now it won’t work regardless voltage…

If you have reversed the power connections then it is probably toast I’m afraid. Fortunately they are not too expensive.

I have a TSOP38238 on my Pi 2 and it works beautifully - but I run it from 3.3v.

Here is the datasheet including pinouts:

I notice that the power pins on different versions of the TSOP382 family are actually reversed, so be careful.

I’m kicking myself for not finding the correct model number sooner. I came across a picture of the ones that had the pins reversed and thought that was why mine wasn’t working. It’s confusing considering they all look the same.

Like you said though, it’s a good thing they’re so cheap. I’ll have to make a trip to the electronics store tomorrow and pick up a new one.

Thank you for your help btw. I was wondering what remote you were using with your setup?

Just wanted to post an update. Running it from 3.3V was the solution. I’m able to control Kodi with my remote and it works perfectly.

Thanks for all the help DBMandrake. Much appreciated.