[SOLVED] Kodi Remote stopped working after recent OSMC update

After recent OSMC and general OS upgrade, Kodi Remote app for Android is not functioning on my install. Only the Back (return) buttons works, all the others (like direction arrows and enter) are not responding. I tried reconfiguring the app to the instance and the buttons still won’t work.

Has anyone gone through the same issue?

I use Yatse sometimes on android phone and all it’s working also ever do in the pass… what’s you kodi remote app you use ?

I use Kore the officail KODI control, I’ll try Yatse in a few

Yatse is working, so is the Web interface. I think this is a conflict between the Kore and newer OSMC version but I’m fine with Yatse. I’ll mark this thread as resolved. Thanks!!

I’m sure others are using Kore and OSMC.
We ship 17.1 so nothing exotic per se.

Logs might give some clues

Yep, using as I write right now, everything’s working as expected.