I installed my OSMC on RASP3 et KORE to command it.
All work great but I can’t find why the menu “files” on KORE is always empty.
I refresh but nothing happens.

I believed I could navigate through this menu in my folders, and select the files directly. (for example to play music whitout power up my TV screen). I’m wrong?


Have you added the directories as sources in Kodi?

Yes if you have audio eg via aux, spdif or Bluetooth

I’ve updated the librairies music & video, and the files appear in these tabs.
so yes, I think so… unless there is another thing to do. Have you a link about it?

I see in this tuto that we can add source. http://kodi.wiki/view/Adding_video_sources
But in my case, the sources appeared by themselves when I plugged the USB. So I just scanned the content to update the library.
Is it not enough?


I use Yatse so I can not comment on Kore but I would assume if you added files to the Library you should be able to see it in library and file mode

Actually just saw I have Kore installed and it shows files as expected

For me, it only displays "media source empty, and the “progress bar” turns endless :frowning:

That’s strange, enable debug logging and provide logs maybe we see something

Have you performed all of this configuration?

Yes it’s done.
It’s strange that the files tabs work on direct with a screen on the rasp, but stays empty on KORE.
I found how to get the logs. Which part of them should be interestig? (and how can I format it to post properly here :wink:

Thank you

Just use either the logupload in MyOSMC or on command line execute grab-logs -A and provide the URL that is displayed

Thank you. I selected all logs while I don’t know what to search…

You sources looks strange, could it be that you first added them and then removed and then wrongly added?

<name>usb1</name> <path pathversion="1">usb./</path> <allowsharing>true</allowsharing>

Possible, I don’t fully understand the procedure to add medias.
So on first boot I manually added the disk, while they were already accessible.
And so next removed them because they appeared twice.
I finally updated library and all my music and video appeared well in the libraries…

I’m deleting all sources and cleaning libraries to check if it resolves…

Still KO.
The folder view doesn’t stop loading and stays empty.

Your sources are EMPTY!!!

        <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <default pathversion="1"></default>
        <default pathversion="1"></default>

In order to show the media in Kore you need to add them as source, it looks funny in kodi since kodi shows the sources added and the devices connected to, but only sources will show up in Kore. So add as source and you get them in Kore, rename the source and and there will be no “doubles”, tho the content will be the same.

I didn’t understood I must add source to view files on KORE, because it’s not useful on OSMC side.

Thank you a lot, you resolved the problem. And I now understand better how the system works :wink: