[Solved] LCD Display 800x480 support

I have purchased a LCD from DX.com (http://www.dx.com/p/acrylic-case-5-inch-hdmi-tft-lcd-touch-screen-shield-800-x-480-for-raspberry-pi-2-b-a-b-390076#.Vb32qpM6Jko)

it comprises a HDMI interface and a touchscreen interface. While this is fairly easy to get working on raspbian, it seems that the 800x480 is unsupported by OSMC?

Did anyone manage to get the display working with OSMC?

Added this to config.txt:


# Next two lines forces audio through the jack - HDMI-audio crashes the display! 

#force 800x480 resolution as this is non-standard for HDMI
hdmi_cvt 800 480 60 6 0 0 0 

# Ensure power to the display

# to get the touch screen working. this will provide an /dev/input/event*

Booting is fine until the Kodi gets started.

Does hdmi_force_mode=1 help?

Unfortunately not.

Have you updated osmc?
Can you post a debug log?

I have not updated yet. Will try to SSH into it and update it.

How do you get a debug log?

Hi I Have the same case and screen and found (by accident) that when you set the audio to analogue instead of HDMI or HDMI and Analogue the screen is showing perfect.

It could be al little difficult too get there with the blurry screen (you can also attacht the Pi to a HDMI TV to get te setting right.

hope it wil help you too.

Nice, it works.

I added to config.txt this:

hdmi_drive=1 hdmi_ignore_edid_audio=1

suggested here: Rasberry pi forum

Did you manage to get the touch screen working with OSMC?

Thank you for the Config.txt option I didn’t know these settings (I’m just beginning with my Pi life :smile: )
didn’t test the touchscreen yet. I hope the LCD driver install script will work. The main problem will be calibrating
I think.

how is your sound through 3.5 jack I hear some kind of noise while playing movies.

3.5 jack is known to be noisy on the Pi.

I plan to have audio through bluetooth speaker.

Please let me know if you have any succes with the touch-screen.

A2dp is not yet supported in OSMC.

Thanks for this! it is really useful on raspberry PI running Scratch to make the screen bigger on HDMI monitors.

Not what OSMC is… what is OSMC? your website is not very revealing…