[Solved] Mounting an external HDD

So I just got a external powered HDD that I plan to store my media library on, but I’m not sure how to properly mount it. It seems like it got auto mounted on its own to /media/HDD. But then I’ve also seen its best add it to /etc/fstab and mount it to /mnt/HDD. Which is the best way to go? I plan on leaving this HDD plugged in at all times.

Also on the same topic, the drive is ext4. Is this going to cause permission hell? I debated formatting it to NTFS, but I don’t have any Windows machines, so I thought it was pointless.

Thanks in advance.

Avoid NTFS – it will give you overhead and throughput issues.
If it’s ext4, you don’t need to do anything.

Things should just be working fine for you.


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So don’t bother editing /etc/fstab and just relay on the automotive?


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Thank you!

If for some reason you don’t like the name or location of the mount, you can always create a link where you would like it to appear.

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