[Solved] OSMC Feb 2018 and Hyperion on RPi

Just installed the Feb 2018 update on RPi3. I have Hyperion running on this and it was working very well … until the update.
Now it appears to start up OK and the LEDs match the background but when playing a movie it seems that the lights change a bit to go with the action and then stop updating after a few seconds.

AFAIK Hyperion is using dispmanx to grab the colours.

I have not grabbed logs yet but can do if needed.

Resolved I think.
After I updated I was looking at the settings to see if I spotted anything new … and I turned on OMXPlayer Hardware Acceleration …
I just turned it off again and now the lights seem to be working fine.
So I expect I had turned it off months ago to get Hyperion frame grabbing to work and had forgotten.

Turns out that Hardware Acceleration was not the problem.
I was still getting occasional LED freezes so I dug further and found that the problem (I hope) was that the writes to the USB Serial port were occasionally not completing.
This meant that the code stalled.
I changed the code to add a timeout to the writes and handle the exception and … for now at least … no more LED freezing.
I included a print statement in the exception handler at first and it came out every few minutes.
So perhaps something changed in the USB handler in underlying firmware/kernel.