[Solved] OSMC.....Lircmap.xml and reboot

Figured this out. Someone (on another forum) offered up a link (to Lirc) which provided the missing pieces I needed.

OK. Since no one seems to be able to offer any help, maybe I need a more focused approach:

I want to set up controls on the remote for forward and rewind (x2x4…etc). The keys that I want to use have been defined in the remote .conf file as KEY_FORWARD (>>), and KEY_BACK (<<) (should be fairly obvious :slight_smile:

I tried using the Lirc functions Forward and Rewind but am unable to get a response from those keys (KEY_BACK stepped me back in the menu before I modified the .xml files). Are these functions only for videos/movies? Or can they also be used for music (I’m connected thru a Upnp connection for music)?

Also, should I make these mods in Lircmap.xml or remote.xml file (or both)? and where should that file be located: ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps or /usr/share/kodi/system.

Again, thanks for any help…

I put this here because it seems to make sense. If there is a more appropriate place/forum to put it, please let me know and I apologize for putting it in the wrong place :frowning:

This is 2 problems that are kind of related…

No. 1 -
I’m using an Onkyo RC866M remote to control OSMC. It worked very well without any mods (just added the .conf to the /etc/lirc folder and selected it in OSMC). I say “very well” because there are still a couple of functions I need to mod.

Should I create a remote.xml file just for a few standard functions and should that file be located in ~/.kodi/userdata/keymaps (thought I read somewhere it can be located in other places). Or should I just modify a copy of the Lircmap.xml file located in the /etc/lirc (or should that be /usr/share/kodi/system) directory? And what is the difference between remote.xml and Lircmap.xml?

No. 2 -
For some reason I can no longer do a reboot over ssh. Up till ~a week ago, a reboot worked fine. Now all I get is a blue screen and I have to do a hard reset on the RPI system. I am using a HDD for the system (booting form the uSD memory

Thanks in advance for any help.