SOLVED: OSMC RPi2 with MySQL connection to Synology extremly slow

I experiencing system lagging on OSMC RPi2. I suspecting MySQL link to Synology. Recently everything takes seconds - I click on Films and wait 3-5 s, than on folder and again I wait.
But it`s recent problem, because one week ago it worked fine a I cannot change anything (maybe Synology installed some update)

Here`s log file (started logging, went to movies and started one movie, than stoped and restarted OSMC):
I also have log after restart.

Edit: I tried reconfigure MariaDB: (sort_buffer_size and read_buffer_size) with no change
And also excluded @eaDir folder from scanning: - again no change

Now it works!
There was no change after my changes, but next day, OSMC was normal again. So if somebody have has same problem, try my steps.