[solved] R. Pi froze from auto update library add-on

I installed the auto-update add-on for the Library. After a reboot my Pi seems to have frozen. I can see the interface, but it does not respond to the keyboard. Also the date and time are off and it cannot show the current weather. This is because my Pi has no working ethernet connection. The cable’s fine, but not all the lights are on.

Sometimes after rebooting it complains that updating the library failed because there’s no internet connection (like, duh!). It asks me to stop scanning, But my Pi is so slow that I cannot select “Yes”.

How can I kick that darned Add-on from the SD card manually??? Or any add-on that messes up my Pi without having to re-format the SD card and re-installing OSMC?

If you can still SSH in you can just delete the addon manually.

Addons get installed in /home/osmc/.kodi/addons, so you could delete it (example addon) like this:

rm -rf /home/osmc/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.itunes_trailers

Then restart Kodi:

sudo systemctl restart mediacenter

BTW if you are trying to use something that runs automatically on startup and needs a network connection, you should enable the “wait for network” option in the networking settings.

Thank you for your fast and clear reply.

I removed said directory from the SD card. But to no avail. The lights from the ethernet card go on and of sometimes (minutes in between) so stopping services from via SSH is impossible.

Can I edit some file on the SD card to stop things from running automatically? I’m a Linux user so the files and dirs on the Pi are not very unclear to me.

[edit] the screensaver sprung on. Still no way to do anything on the Pi. Nor ethernet connection…

If your Ethernet connection keeps going down I think you have other problems as a Kodi addon won’t cause this.

Are you sure your power adaptor is sufficient ? An ethernet connection that keeps going up and down on a Pi is almost always caused by low voltage.

Aaarrrgh! You’re right. I had the Pi powered only by the external USB hub. Plugged the micro-USB power line in and the Pi and the network works again!

Sometimes things are trivial. Thanks for the help! Sorry for my stupidness though… :blush: