[SOLVED] Raspberry Pi 2 Alpha 4 Rainbow Screen Of Death


I’ve just tried OSMC on a RPi2 after being a long-time RaspBMC user.

Alas, I’m not having much luck. After installing the OSMC image on an SD card and putting it into the RPi2 I just get the Rainbow Screen Of Death. I’ve managed to boot NOOBS and Ubuntu Snappy so I know the Pi and SD card are working.

Any ideas?


Are yoy certain you are isntalling the correct build?
Make sure you choose Raspberry Pi 2 in the installer.
Running on a Pi2 here, working really nice.

Ah ha! I installed the OSMC Installer from the Ubuntu 12.04 repo which gave me version 1.0.2. It only had the option to install to a “Raspberry Pi” so I assumed that was correct.

I grabbed the binary .deb file of the installer and it upgraded it to 1.0.5 and now I have the option to install to a Raspberry Pi 2.

I’m downloading the image now.

Thanks miappa!

That’s certainly odd

I’ll look into what might be causing that