[Solved] [RC] Skins incompatible (Eminence, Aeon Nox,...)

Hi there,

just installed OSMC RC on my RPi2 after successfully playing around with Alpha 4.
However, now it seems that my favorite skins (Eminence, Aeon Nox) which I had installed on Alpha 4 are marked (among others) as incompatible.

Am I missing something here?

Force an addon/repo update from System>addon menu

I did “Check for updates”, which now shows (Last updated 15-03-2015 17:24).
Skins still are incompatible. Or do you mean a different “addon/repo update”?

That’s the one

Thought so.

Still - skins are incompatible.
Any further suggestions?

Kodi add-on repository shows version 2.1.32 - if that is any help?

EDIT: The addon itself shows “dependencies not met - contact addon author”
Any chance I can find out which dependencies are not met?

I don’t know what happened, but it worked automagically when I came home this evening and tried again.

So: Closed