Some help about 3D content

Hello, I’m new to 3D movies/content and I need some help guys. When I try to play 3D movie my TV recognize the type and suggest me to change the view to “3D” and to put my glasses on and the picture is great, but my main problem are the subtitles and Kodi’s UI. When I try to add subtitles to (.srt) to runnig movie they are stretched across the entire screen and blurry - some times they are so big that most of them is outside of viewing space, the situation with Kodi’s UI is the same. Can you give me some advices? How you manage your 3D content, is there some need of converting the subtitles… Thanks!

Platform: RPi2
OSMC ver.: Latest
resolution: 1920x1080

Are your files named correctly?

Yes all files are .3D.SBS.. And I told you my main problem are the subtitles - do I need to convert them to *.aas format or *.idx format? Do I need to change Kodi’s resolution to 960x1080? For example I try to whatch “Avatar” from my NAS and the video was fine but when I try to load subtitles from Kodi they become stretched and they was with huge letter spacing. Later today I will try to upload pictures :slight_smile:

Do you have “adjust refresh rate to match video” enabled in video/playback settings?

No, I already try it and leave this option unselected :slight_smile:

You need that enabled for 3D support.

Ok thanks! I will try it later today and I will write you what is the result :slight_smile: But can you tell me what is the idea behind *.idx subs? I already met this type of file at few different forums but it was unable to understand the entire idea.