Some of samba mappings not working after boot

I have mapped three folders containing videos. All these folders are located in the same NAS. I have mapped the folders using samba, because the NFS option was not working (because I there was no possibility to give username and password for accessing the share). After rebooting Vero/OSMC only one of the three folders is accessible via Videos -> Files menu, others say that the machine cannot be reached. The one that can be accessed does not have any metadata scrapers defined, but the other two has. One has series and one has movies.

After some time after reboot all the folders are working perfectly.
All the same folders were working with RPi+Raspbmc, though I think I had them mapped with NFS…

Is this related to the scrapers or samba or something else?
How can I use NFS for mapping folders?
Or am I doing it wrong?


Can you confirm whether you’re trying to mount your shares in Kodi or via fstab? If you don’t know what fstab is I’ll assume the former.

Are you using an IP address or a hostname to try and mount shares

Lastly, re NFS: can you show me a screenshot? You should be able to enter your username and password just fine

I’m mounting the shares via Kodi with hostname. I see that there have been some problems with hostname, so I will try it with IP. Is there some way to change the current mounts from hostname to ip, so that I wouldn’t have to update the library from the start?

Regarding the NFS, I can see the shares, but when trying to open them nothing happens. I can’t remember exactly how it went but I couldn’t find any way to give credentials there. I can try that again also later.

I’m confused. Last I checked NFS shares didn’t need a user/pass, am I missing something?

A debug log will help us here.

Re library: I don’t think it is possible to do this unless you change the sqlite tables directly (not recommended)