Some questions regarding RPi3 and omxplayer


Have a RPi3 that I use as a media player. Been using LibreELEC on it and I had it configured with refresh rate switching and with hardware acceleration disabled on omxplayer. With refresh rate switching, I have some 200ms audio delay issues that I can fix using some offset on advancedsettings.xml. This offset doesn’t work if hardware accelaration is enabled.

I’m switching to OMSC due to the underlying OS (want to install some other things without having to use Docker), but I’m facing a couple of issues:

  • UI feel is overall slower and choppier. Thinking on downscaling to 720p
  • To be able to downscale and still having videos at higher res, I need to enable refresh rate switching, and now I would be faced with the audio delayed issue. It seems OSMC doesn’t use omxplayer, and disabling hardware acceleration (don’t know if it’s the correct settings, I disabled 'use hardware acceleration on PRIME video, or something like that, under settings > Player). If I disable this, video is really choppy (makes sense though, not clear why it worked smoothly on LibreELEC after disabling hardware acc, but it worked).

Any insight? Any way to switch to omxplayer or fix this audio delay (only happens on 23.976 content)? Any real way to speed up the UI so I would not have to switch the resolution?


Newer versions of both OSMC and LE deprecate OMXPlayer and MMAL for V4L2/GBM. This is explained here: Kodi v19 Matrix is here. Here's what you need to know - OSMC.

You may wish to use an older version of OSMC.

Set your UI to 1080p 60hz, turn refresh rate switching to on start/stop, turn hardware decoding back on, and then make sure you have the correct lines in your advancedsetting.xml such as…

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

I just tested this on a RPi 4 and it did exactly what it was suppose to. I’m not sure where you got your info on this setting being incompatible with hardware acceleration. Perhaps that was true for some particular version of Kodi/LE/whatever?

If for some reason you wanted to stick with the (IMO undesirable) fixed refresh rate you could skip the video offset, enable hardware acceleration, and during playback just set an audio offset and then tell it to make it the default for all videos. Although I am a bit confused on how your saying it only has a sync issue with 23.976 content and you’ve disabled refresh rate switching. Does this mean that your running your UI at 23.976?