Some suggested changes to "uname" in OSMC

Some uname changes to make scripts easier:

“uname -m” currently returns “armv61” or “armv71”
“uname -p” currently returns “unknown”
“uname -i” currently returns “unknown”

I suggest the right behavior is:
“uname -m” and/or “uname -i” -> “Raspberry Pi B 1” or “Raspberry Pi B 2”, or similar, etc.
“uname -p” -> “armv61” or “armv71”

A minor thing, but it makes scripts more uniform.
Also, but I’m not sure where, it would be great if uname - returned the OSMC release, i.e. RCx, etc.

That is traditionally the role of lsb_release

cat /etc/os-release for example.