Sonarr "Notifications" support

I’m trying to connect up my Sonarr from my PC to my OSMC media center without success.

I used the Kodi (XMBC) configuration on Sonarr with the IP of the Raspberry PI on port 8080.

Does OSMC use a different notification piping than Kodi (XMBC) and if so has anyone got this to work?

Thanks in advance.

Works exactly the same as far as I can remember setting it up.

I should have included the log error message.

Here is the error I get:

Am I correct in saying that it is connected up, but the test message fails on verification. The problem is that it refuses to save the connection unless the test message passes.

Can you post your config screen please ?

Username and password is osmc
Apart from that just enter the ip of the kodi client

IP : Localhost
Port : 80
No user name and password required for me.
Display time : 5

is webserver enabled on OSMC? and can you se the osmc default website from the same PC as sooner?

http://osmc.local.:8080 or http://IP_OF_OSMC:8080


Thanks everyone for the advice.

I was being an idiot. The web server was on port 80 not 8080.

Went to the web server settings at “settings -> Web Server” for anyone who comes across this.