Sorting question

Hey one little question i dont use the library function on kodi i use the normal folder function (browse and play files) so i have different folders for my series:

Folders with “_”

Which are seriesfolder with complete seasons and folders without (only new epsiodes which are not sorted and i look them directly not).

So its sorted under alphabetic order and iam not quiet understand why “9” is above the “_” folders?

I sure 2 screenshots what i mean:

here under Windows:

here under Kodi 18.2:

Why is 9-1-1 above the _Folders? Is there some option to change that? I only know the option with “The” and thats already deactivated.

Maybe somebody can help me :slight_smile:

Kodi ignores any “separator” character at the beginning of a filename when sorting. Basically, it’s all the characters used to separate various sections of the name (space, underscore, period, etc.).

There is no option to change this, unfortunately.

That how ASCII sorting works. In ASCII, 9 == 57 and _ == 95 so Kodi will show 57 before 95.

If you would like Kodi to handle it differently, then that is something you should bring up on the Kodi forums.

Ah thank you guys i thought i did miss something etc :smiley: :slight_smile: will ask on the kodi forum maybe they can add an option but its not that “important” i just thought its an mistake from myself.