Sound issues (micro cuts/clipping) at end of every song

When I listen to music, at the end of every song (within the last 2–3 seconds) I can hear one micro cut sound. It sounds like a mix of clipping and a very small pause.

This occurs while streaming music from a UPnP-Server (miniDLNA). I can’t say if the problem remains, when I choose other sources of music, because I didn’t test other sources so far. But I can exclude buffering issues, because the effective bandwith the Pi achieves is at least 6–8 MByte/s and I can stream hd movies of >30GB seamlessly. Also it does not matter, if the song is in mp3 or flac format.

I can reproduce this issue every time I listen to music. I’m not sure if the problem occurs also playing videos. EDIT: It does not seem to occur while watching videos.

The device I am using is a Raspberry Pi 2, having this version of OSMC. Also I am using the DAC+ Sound Card (Standard) from HifiBerry. I successfully installed it using the device overlay option which is provided by OSMC. No extra tinkering, except deactivating GPIO LIRC).

The only attached peripheral is this wi-fi antenna.

This is the first time I am using OSMC, so I can’t say anything abound previous versions.

Here are the logs:

Kind regards.

Hey there,
I want to provide logs but the log is too big (25mb/200k lines). Neither pastebin, nor accepts it. Any help?

Reboot twice to clear any lengthy logs (current and old) and re-submit to

Thanks, that worked (see first post for log file).