Sound problem on Vero 4K


I’m using Vero 4K (OSMC April 2017 2017.04-1) with my Sony Bravia KDL-50W805B tv and Sony HT-XT3 soundbase.

Everything were running smoothly until I installed the bluetooth testing software.
I then connected my Sony MDR-1000X headphones to get my sound there, instead of the soundbase/TV.
It worked great for some time, but then the sound started to get choppy, and i thought; ok, this is normal, it’s only still for testing.

I then disconnected bluetooth and continued watching with the sound on the soundbase.
This is where the problem started, the sound is now a little sparky, and you can hear that it’s not right, a little hard to explain the noise in the sound, but it’s not clean as before.

This happens on all video files, and eventually you can hear it in the menu as well.

I have tried another HDMI cable, tried with the sound on just the tv, and not the sundbase, tried to change audio output device, tried to turn off bluetooth, tried turning off the PulseAudio service, tried rebooting several times. Nothing works.

I play my files trough a harddrive connected directly to Vero. I’m connected to the internet via cable.

I know I installed software that’s for testing bluetooth sound, but that shouldnt affect normal sound when not connected to bluetooth?

Do you know how to uninstall the bluetooth sound software?

Please help :slight_smile:



Did you switch back audio output to HDMI only?

Yes, the audio output device is; AML-M8AUDIO, HDMI.

Every setting is as before the bluetooth software were installed.

Already rebooted?
Otherwise I am out of ideas

I’ve rebooted many times.
The problem comes back within seconds of starting the first video file.

The Bluetooth stack is still touch and go, it doesn’t work well for everyone.


sudo apt-get remove --purge a2dp-app-osmc pulseaudio
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Thanks @sam_nazarko, everything is now back to normal :slight_smile:

Glad to hear. Keep an eye out for improvements to Bluetooth audio.

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