Sound & video runs faster after last update to Krypton


I got an strange behaviour since the last OSMC update I did yesterday in the rPI2, that upgraded Kodi to Krypton.

Video & audio runs faster. Sound is like when you put a 33 rpm vinyl on a 45 rpm plate. Vídeo is accelerated on the same way. I’ve tested many videos with different encodings, all the same. But, I think this is not just an issue with the player, but the whole Kodi goes faster! I cannot be sure but, the GUI sounds, at the beginning I thought that they were changed in the new version; but now I notice that they sound like are the same as usual but reproduced quicker. And the same seems to happen with certain animations in the menus, or weather icons.

So everything is like in the old times, when you ran a game in a new PC with double Mhz or so, everything went faster. It’s funny for the first 5 minutes, but not after :slight_smile:

Anyone has a clue on what could be happening? Yesterday before the update everything ran at the normal pace, and then after the update, this sudden strangeness.

Thanks a lot!

Well, this is something related with the HDMI audio output. If I change to analog, then everything goes back to normal - immediately. I’ve also confirmed that it affects to the overall Kodi, not just videos, so the GUI is accelerated as well when the audio output is set to HDMI.

Need yet to find out how to fix it for HDMI… I keep looking.

Any update on this? I’m seeing my video/audio playing slightly faster than normal.

Do you have sync playback to display enabled?
That may cause 24 fps video to be sped up to 25 fps (assuming display is running at 50Hz).