Soundbar (XT8500) Keeps refreshing and being disabled when playing certain videos on VERO 4K+

Hey, got a Sony XT8500 soundbar that works great and fine with all my devices and has done for a while now.

However when i try to play certain videos through the Verok 4K it seems to force my TV to repeatedly turn the TV settings back to its internal speaker, before then trying the soundbar again and going back to the speaker.

My TV is an LG C9 and i’m really stumped as to whats causing this. Even when pausing the video and browsing through the menu you’ll see it switch between soundbar and non soundbar. Hopefully my logs and settings should clear this up.

Is the Vero plugged into the TV or the soundbar? If the TV then maybe it is an issue with trying to pass though HD audio formats that ARC doesn’t support. You might also have a cable issue where the CEC line is becoming temporarily disconnected which can make the audio output switch from ARC to internal.

The Vero is plugged into the TV - i could in theory plug it directly into the soundbar but i’m worried i’d lose some of my CEC abilities and TV features if it was running through the TV directly.

I’ve switched over some of the cables and it seems to be fine. Is there anything in the logs which suggests weirdness ?

I may have misspoke on the audio formats as it looks like your TV and soundbar are eARC which support HD audio formats. CEC abilities should be the same connected to your soundbar as the TV. If the cable swap does not fully fix the issue you can try direct to the soundbar to see if you get better results.

Yes, I can see CEC devices reinitializing.

Try a different HDMI cable