Speed of copying to HDD of OSMC on a Pi2B

I have set up my OSMC system now and I have connected an NTFS hard drive (1TB) via USB to it.
Now I am trying to transfer videos via the network to a folder on the media drive, but I am a bit disappointed at the speed of transfer…
What is the speed I can expect?
The disk is a 2.5" SATA 1TB drive in a USB3 cabinet from DELTACO.
Windows Explorer reports a transfer rate of 914 KB/s and a total time for the 3 videos to be 1 hour.
The videos are 3.35 GB in total, not so much and reside on my Synology NAS on a Gigabit network.
The Pi is connected by wired network to the switch.
Any suggestions?

That does seem very slow. How are you copying them exactly ?

It sounds like you have the files on a NAS, and are copying them on a Windows PC/Laptop to a Samba share (?) on the Pi ?

The problem with doing it this way is that the copy process is going through your PC and it’s network connection - is the PC also connected via Ethernet or is it on Wifi ?

The traffic will be duplicated on your network - NAS to PC, then PC to Pi.

As a test can you try copying a large file that directly resides on your PC to the Pi and see what speed you get ?

I’ve tried a copying test of my own - to a 2.5" 80GB Hitachi drive in a USB 2.0 enclosure plugged into my Pi 2. The test partition is NTFS, accessed via Samba.

I’m copying an ISO image from a Windows 7 laptop over wifi using a fairly fast AC USB wireless adaptor and I’m seeing about 8.5MB/sec.

The same test to an ext4 partition on the same drive I’m seeing about 10.8MB/sec. (NTFS has a slight overhead in Linux as it is provided by FUSE - a usermode file system)

Given that 10.8MB/sec is 86.4Mbps and the Pi’s Ethernet interface is 100Mbps (and my laptop is on wifi) this is about as good as I could expect it to get.

I made a new test:

  • Disabled the WiFi adapter on the OSMC settings (to make sure the wired is used)
  • Copied an iso file of size 1040 MB on my internal hard disk on the PC
  • Pasted into a subdirectory on the Pi share of the NTFS hard disk
  • Started my stopwatch at the same time

Windows7 Explorer states a speed of 911 KB/s and a transfer time of 19 min
This is the same as the previous tests.
Right now the progress bar is about 1/4 done after 5 minutes of copying.
It is as if I had a 10 Mbit/s Ethernet LAN, when it is really much speedier.
I will now enable the WiFi again and unplug the cable to see if it works better through WiFi.

Via WiFi:
I was connected via Yatse remote when I re-enabled the WiFi but I had to go to the available networks and select the one to connect to, otherwise it just sat there saying no connection (I had hoped it would connect automatically since it knows the login…)
Anyway, I made a connection and it shows a WiFi address of (the wired is on So I pulled the network cable out of the Pi.
Then I connected my phone to the same WiFi network as the Pi and changed Yatse profile and could connect.
Then I also connected my PC to that network via WiFi.
Now when I make a file transfer it works at a much higher speed, about 3.1 MB/s! The full transfer took 5m40s. :smile:

So it seems like going through the EdiMax WiFi is a better solution than straight wired…
And that is what I will use on the target location!

So if not really good it is acceptable.

There’s something wrong with your Ethernet network by the look of it, as my Pi was on Ethernet and getting even better speeds again - very hard to say what is wrong though.

Possibly a duplex mismatch - you don’t have any Ethernet devices or ports on your switch forced to full duplex instead of auto negotiation ?

Well, the topology is like this (if I remember correctly):
There is one long TP cable from the main Gigabit switch to the living-room and then there is another 100 Mbit switch at the end where the Pi and the PVRT are connected. The main router is hooked to the main switch with Gigabit connection. But the other cables are probably CAT5.

[Main router]----[Main switch]----[Second switch]----[Rpi OSM]
…|--------[Humax PVRT]

Hard to get character graphics working, had to add periods to get the Humax connection to the second hub…
Anyway, this is just for setting up and will not be used in the end location so it really does not matter.
By the way when I copy files between the NAS and the Win7 PC over the network I consistently get 50-70 MB/s.
Thanks for your help! :sunglasses: