Spin down hard drive when shutting down

Hi guys, got my Pi 2 today and loving OSMC Alpha 4! I have set up the Pi to be accessed remotely as I am giving it to a relative and will have no physical access for months at a time so there may be a fix for this in the RC but I won’t be able to update remotely. Is it possible to get OSMC to spin down the hard drive when shutdown instead of power being cut to the drive? Will there be any long term effects on the drive if this is not possible? Thankyou

How are you powering the drive ? What makes you think OSMC is shutting down the power to your drive ? It doesn’t and can’t.

It’s a 2.5" that was connected to the Pi. I am using a usb hub now to keep power to the drive after shutdown so there isn’t a sudden halt.

What model of Pi is it ?

Only the B+ or Pi 2 are capable of powering an external USB hard drive directly - and only if you use the max_usb_current=1 config.txt option, and only if you have a very good 2amp power supply powering your Pi.

Even then powering it directly from the Pi is not recommended.

Apologies, listing what I had in the 1st post would have been helpful… It’s a Pi 2 and a 2.1A supply (Amazon basics make which had good reviews from Pi 2 owners)
Yes I did set max_usb_current=1 and the drive was powered fine but just the issue of power being cut to it on shutdown instead of spinning down. The hub solves this as the drive spins down when OSMC is shut down.
Anyway is there anything I can add to config.txt to keep power to the usb ports after shutdown? I did look on the wiki etc but couldn’t see anything.
If powering with the Pi is not recommended I will stick with the hub I guess.


Sorry for reviving old thread but would like some info on spinning down hard drive during shutdown or reboot. Using Rpi2 Like the above user stated once osmc is shutdown power to hard drive is halted causing a loud click as heads i assume are thrown back.

Using hdparm -y in ssh puts drive to standby so if theres a way to call hdparm during shutdown might be good.

Also when drive is in standby and go to shutdown or reboot the drive powers up again before being halted as power is cut.

I know i will probably end up getting a usb hub but if there is way to spinddown drive during shutdown be helpful too.