SQL library on Synology suddenly not working

I have my SQL library on a Synology NAS, which is shared between 2 OSMC installs on 2x Rpi 3.
I had gotten some help in getting the library set up but it just stopped working today.

I didn’t change anything (that I’m aware of). Only unusual thing that happened was a short power outage, which required me to manually restart the NAS.

Any thoughts on where I should be looking to get the library back up and running again?

It would be good to see logs.

Check the ip address your NAS is currently using and make sure it still matches what you have set in Kodi’s advancedsettings.xml.

Thanks guys!
I did check the IP of the NAS and it was the same. I rebooted the Pi and enabled the debug logging thing, in order to generate a clean Log file.
When it rebooted, everything was working again!!?! The old “turn-it-off-then-turn-it-on-again” (TIOTIOA?) routine. Thanks for your responses and advice, as always.

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