SSD upgrade


How to migrate to new SSD from 2GB to 8-16GB and keep data?
I used 2GB SSD because it was the only SSD I found at home when received my RP2 and it was fine for a while. Now I think it has no free space even to boot. It was close to 0 for some time and now it does not boot anymore. Can’t log via SSH too. Sad face showing up.
I will get new SSD, but don’t want to start from fresh install. Anyhow I can upgrade?

  1. Make an image of your existing ssd
  2. Write image to new bigger ssd
  3. Resize partition on new ssd to fill entire drive using gparted live usb or other Linux system
  4. Enjoy

You can create/write image using dd in Linux or one of several imaging tools available for Windows including Usbit, Win32Imager or ??

While I assume you refering to an SD Card and not a SSD, or?
If that is the case it is as easy as @Dilligaf wrote. Basically get the gparted live but it on a PC and you have all tools you need to make that migration and upgrade.

SD card or small SSD either should work. If SSD you will need to use the existing boot SD card to boot the new SSD

But yes, I was assuming that the OP meant SD for live usb options

Many thanks, using Gparted was very easy to resize.
Now my osmc is up and running again!