SSH and other services do not run after Pi 2 is rebooted

I have Raspberry Pi 2 and I just installed OSMC latest June version 2015.06-1. Every thing seem to work fine untill I rebooted the system at some point and then whenever I try to SSH from another computer to OSMC the connection is refused.

In the My OSMC -> Services the status of SSH service shows up as running. I disabled it and then enabled the service and it started working fine, but again after another reboot the SSH connection is refused and again status shown in OSMC services is running and yet again disabling enabling SSH service allows me to connect to it from another computer.

I have two other services an FTP server and transmission service and these services too are behaving exactly the same, when I try to access them from another machine.

I installed FTP and transmission from appstore (cart like icon) within My OSMC menu.

I couldnt figure out the problem. Please advise


Can’t think of anything that would cause this so please upload full debug logs after you have reproduced the problem.