Ssh read only usb/sdcard

First off all, hi to everyone!

Before I start off I’m not lazy and I’ve been reading alot of topics in this forum regarding this issue.

My problem is simply windows sigh…
The problem is when I tried to update without ssh, I got an update error. “An error occurred installing the following package (Unknown package)” after that I saw like a emoij :[ on a loop and I had to restart my device. I did and it brought me back to a normal non updated state.
I’ve read about the (ssh) sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. But then I need to type something “you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a” then there is a follow up message saying read only file system.

I’m on a windows os, so I can’t use apple’s disk utility to get write acces.
Is there A work arround? I’m on this 5 hours now and I’m feeling really desperate right now.

I’m not very known in ssh so you could call me pretty much stupid :’(

Thanks in advance for anybody’s time and effort.

Since there are troubles with the download store, wait till they are back, then it’ll probably work

Thanks, think its a diffrent problem though but I’ll try when they get back up.

If the file system is stuck in read only mode, run the following command from ssh:

sudo fsck /

Then reboot by typing reboot.

I wouldn’t try running updates again though until our server issues are resolved.

Thanks, I’ll try that then after the servers are stable again.

Our update severs are back online again.