Status: no internet - Wireless


I’ve just installed OSMC on raspberry pi 2 for the 1st time.
I’m using Wireless Adapter - USB-N10 Asus.
I’ve configured the adapter to connect to my SSID at home using WPA2-PSK
In the network window I can see that the adapter is enabled and that it is connected to the right SSID.
I can also see the adapter is able to receive IP, Subnet, Default Gateway & DNS.
But under “Status” I receive “No Internet”.

I have a desktop computer and Nexus 5 which are connected to the same SSID and surf on the internet with no problems.

Appreciate your help.

While the status reports no internet, can you actually ping anything on the web or connect to Kodi official repo?

Can you test whether you can
a) ping the Pi from the desktop
b) login to the Pi via SSH from the desktop

sorry for not sharing this info.
while the status reports “no internet” I am able to download updates.
so I guess it’s kind of a cosmetic bug.

is there a way to send a bug report or something like that?

You can enable debug logging in the Kodi settings and then reboot and use MyOSMC add-on to provide all logs so that we can see if something obvious is causing the problem for you. If this was a widespread issue then we would have seen far more reports than just yours.

don’t have this problem anymore, I assume one of the recent updates solved it.