Stereo upmix issue

Hi guys,

Before the recent update I was able to upmix stereo audio to 5.1 on raspberry pi. Since the update I get no sound on stereo source unless I set upmix off.

I have passthrough to a sonos system via tv.

Any ideas?

This has been fixed on Kodi master: ActiveAE: Fix stereo upmix after ADSP removal by popcornmix · Pull Request #12233 · xbmc/xbmc · GitHub
It hasn’t been backported to Krypton so far.

Hi popcornmix has this been backported yet? Will it feature in the next monthly update?

I’ve asked @popcornmix in Slack.

If there are improvements to Krypton backports, we’ll get them included in a near future update.
It’s also possible that Kodi consider 17.3 to be the last release. If that’s the case, we can (where trivial) backport certain fixes.



After a quick discussion, @popcornmix says:

I did look at backporting but the bug didn’t seem to be present on Krypton so the user may be having some other issue.

Can you try and reproduce the problem with debugging enabled and upload a full
set of logs?