Still not working

Sad to say still got problems here

Downloaded the image file for July for the 4k, will the Vero boot from it - no it still boots to Kodi and I still cannot see my shares

Will it boot if I rename the file to recover and boot using a tooth pick -no I get a please stand by message nothing else

So can I be sent an image file to burn onto a USB using your make USB programme that will return my vero 4k back to how it was when I got it Saturday please

If this is not possable no problem just let me know the vero 4k can no longer see my network shares cos the feature has been removed and I will return it to the seller

BTW I cannot see the point of media player that cannot read files from a network - if it cannot that fact should be made very clear on your website or at least tell customers they need to understand Linux. The player is nolonger ‘plug and play’


From your other post – it seems that you may have broken your /etc/fstab however.

Agreed again, but this is not the case. We won’t compromise the security of people’s networks for convenience however. This means SMB browsing is gone for good. You can expect other devices to follow suit shortly. OSMC always adopts security fixes very quickly after their disclosure, but some vendors will take longer. SMB still works though.

You will see that SMB shares are working for other users.
Please help us help you and try and keep the conversation in one thread.

Currently, you will need to use a micro SD card to reinstall OSMC.
If you continue to have booting issues, please screenshot and upload the contents of your micro SD card so we can check you have imaged it correctly.


So a USB will not work even though the software shows the USB

Yes they did for me when I got the box new

Newer images will work.
Older images will say that USB is not yet supported.

If you receive no message and OSMC boots as normal, then your USB hasn’t been prepared correctly.

I recommend using a micro SD card as recommended in the official reinstallation steps

Never got that message it made the USB just fine

On the reinstall page it says

“With the Vero 4K powered off, insert the SD card or USB stick in to your device.”

I think you might be confused here. SMB is still working, even in the latest version of OSMC.
SMB browsing however, is now deprecated for security reasons. Even Windows XP has removed support for this.

You are free however to use an older version, but you don’t need SMB browsing once your shares are mounted.

You seem to be using a different method (fstab); in your previous post.
But the problem is your /etc/fstab line is incorrect. It’s hard to advise across multiple posts. For the best support, let’s keep it in one place only.

Yes – this is the case for 2017.09 images, which aren’t published yet.
if you would like to test a USB image, let me know. We are always looking for feedback.

But even with older images, OSMC would boot and inform you that USB installation is not supported. If OSMC installer doesn’t appear at all, then either:

  • Your USB stick isn’t compatible
  • Your USB stick isn’t imaged correctly.

Please image a micro SD card and screenshot the contents if it doesn’t work. This will get you up and running again very promptly.

Right so to fix this I need a micro SD card shame one is not included in the box or the box have a slot big enough to take a normal SD card

If I go and buy a micro SD card can you assure me you can fix this box

I can build you a USB image, but I need to see a screenshot of your USB drive’s contents to verify that you imaged it properly.

Your USB pen drive might not be working properly if imaged correctly and nothing is booting, but it’s hard to tell without even seeing the disk.

And yes – a micro SD card will always allow you to reinstall OSMC.