Stock delays?

I made an order in the OSMC store on Monday, but haven’t heard anything since.

Given previous orders have been fulfilled within 24 hours, being greeted with a tracking number the next day, and my email query hasn’t received a response, I thought I’d ask on here… as I can see @sam_nazarko has been active in the meantime.

I’m just looking for an update on when I should expect them, so is there a delay in sending the items (two DVB-T2 USB sticks, to go with my existing Vero 4k box), such as illness or holiday or lack of stock, or are they on the way… ?

(As my freeview box went ‘fizz bang’ last week, we’ve no way of watching live TV in the meantime, so I’m trying to manage the wife and kids’ expectations :wink:)

We aren’t experiencing any delays for these items.

Obviously we were out of Vero stock until Wednesday, but this didn’t affect your order.

We had two days this week where Royal Mail didn’t collect (no driver) unfortunately.

Can you let me know the ticket number so I can check this?


Thanks for the response. I’m used to really quick turnarounds from previous interactions, so it just seemed a bit odd.

Order no. is #31808.


I’m a bit behind on emails – but can see your email now.
The order is actually packaged and ready to go but we didn’t get a collection for the last couple of days. I’ve checked and can confirm that we will get one today, so you should get the dongles for Monday.

The shipping system has changed slightly so tracking and shipping confirmation details are now only sent after the item has been collected / scanned; as this tends to reduce the number of emails we get asking regarding an items whereabouts



Thanks very much. Exemplary service as usual!

This has shipped now – and you should have received tracking details via email.
Sorry for not keeping you more informed about the delays.



All good. Had to be something like that. Thanks!

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