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Hi Guys. I bought the Raspberry Pi case (3/2/B+) a week or so ago. delivered nice and fast. only issue is, now it’s here, I can’t seem to assemble it. There ae no instructions that I can see, so I assumed it’d be straightforward, but I can’t seem to get it to work. Had a friend try, but he’s baffled too


This is is a new case design that we have just produced so we have yet to produce any complete instructions.

I’ll grab one in a bit and put one together and see if I can upload a couple of quick photos. Just to confirm, is this the case you are referring to?



no, it’s a clear acrylic case. can’t find it in the store any more

That makes more sense. They click together which can be a bit trickier. Hopefully this diagram helps.

that would be helpful but it doesn’t fit. my HDMI port is in a different place than the cutout allows, and there’s a blue Jack and a yellow (RCA?) port on the other side that the case has no cutouts for

Mine is the board in the image below on the left. The packaging calls it a model B

Details are important in most things Pi :stuck_out_tongue:

I spotted that as I pressed [Reply]. I guess I bought it without paying attention

The appropriate way to discuss an item return/exchange is here Returns Policy and Terms of Sale - OSMC

Did you email Sales just now by any chance?

A return is not necessary. As a gesture of goodwill I will send you an acrylic case for the older, original Raspberry Pi B in the post tomorrow.

That’s incredibly kind thank you. This is customer service at its finest. If I can l;eave a good review anyplace useful, do let me know.