Strange behavior, playing stops after a few seconds [SOLVED]

I use rasberry pi only by wifi network. OSMC on 8GB card.
I connected some network drivess, and add/see in library.
I connected usb drive, see in library.
I have around 50 movies in library, also from unconnected actually usb memories (used previously).

When I select to play some movie, directly = keyboard is connected to raspberrypi by usb, the selected movie is playing only a few seconds and then stop. No error displayed. It does not a mattery where is the movie file I selected, in pluged-in usb, or in network drive connected.

When I connect Android device in the same wifi network, and start to use Kodi apk, and select the same movie to play, now it is playing very wll, in full running time.

What’s up?!

Additionally, I do not download movies posters and backdrops by OSMC, but only use that locally saved in the same folders where movies are collected. I mean this saves the space of OSMC’s SD Card. Is it true?

After a few hours of my fights, I decided to clear OSMC library. Now I can control movies in Videos with directly connected keyboard and it is playing of full time. Now I add movies back to library and the error is back.

I can watch any movie when I control from Android device. I cannot watch the movie when I select directly, only w few seconds.

I’m not sure 100%. But this error was from Cinema Experience “overwrite play button - experimental feature”. When I switch it off, everything starts to going well.


I can confirm the above issue was the problem.