Strange behaviour applying the March Update

Hi All,

I received the prompt that an update was available for my Vero 4k. I chose to apply the update.

This happened:

  • The screen went black for a while and then some time later there was the sad face icon with some text at the top of the screen. The text disappeared too fast for me to get a look at the message.
  • The device rebooted and all seemed to work normally

Thinking that the patch was not applied i was surprised to see that on the OSMC config page that the device is updated to the March version of OSMC

  • I clicked ‘manual update’ but receive the message “no updates available”

Next day, I turn on my TV and saw the message again “update available”.

  • Clicked apply update but this time the screen went black and stayed black.
  • after about 10 minutes I pulled the power cord out and rebooted it
  • The device booted to the default OSMC skin
  • Changed the skin back to estuary.
  • I clicked manual update but receive the message “no updates available”

All seems to be working ok except for the strange update issues.

I haven’t got many addons installed, but i do have the experimental bluetooth files installed

Anyone experience this? I think i might wipe the whole installation and start from scratch with the March OSMC image

  • A sad face when updating Kodi, followed by it working normally is to be expected due to a bug in the Skin Shortcuts script.
  • There was a fix for an issue where the screen may not appear when updating; but the update needed to be installed for this to work correctly.


Sam, Thanks for the clarifications