Strange behaviour for info for TV shows


I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask about this, but it’s probably a good place to start. If there is somewhere better to ask, please let me know.

I’m running OSMC RC 2 on a Raspberry Pi 2. I have a MySql database running on a NAS to share info between 2 OSMC setups.

I have two directories for my TV series, the ARCHIVE with series name/season/episode structure and the NEW with series name/episode. Everything in NEW is also in ARCHIVE. I delete anything in NEW after it is watched. This structure allows me to easily grab just the new stuff if I’m going on a trip.

Anyway, now to the issue I’m seeing. I access my TV shows through videos/files. When perusing the NEW or ARCHIVE directory, by stepping down I usually see the fanart and the description of the selected show. However, sometimes I see neither. It seems like if a show’s details are available in NEW, then they won’t show up in ARCHIVE, and vice-versa. If you refresh a show in ARCHIVE (including episodes), the info now shows up there, but vanishes for the same show in NEW.

I have a similar set-up for my movies. It does not exhibit the same loss of info when a movie is duplicated similarly.

I just went back and did the same test in Helix with Raspbmc on a Pi 1. The results are the same.

Any insight on how to resolve so the info shows up in both NEW and ARCHIVE would be great.

Do you mean it’s broken on Raspbmc too?


Yes. It’s broken in Raspbmc also.

I installed Kodi on my linux desktop using the same MySQL database on my NAS and it’s broken on the desktop also, so I assume that means that it’s a Kodi problem, not OSMC.

Any idea where I should report it?


If it happens on all Kodi platforms, here would be the best place:

(Also try a search there first before posting in case it has already been reported)