Strange message at boot


on rpi2 last version of OSMC at boot I always receive this message:
a start job is running for dev-mmcblk0p1.device
an I have to wait between 30 secs to 1 minute in order to arrive in the Kodi interface; i did not noticed any error in dmesg, issuing the command
sudo journalctl -b | grep boot
I get this:

Jul 21 19:28:22 osmc kernel: [bcm2709_boot_secondary] cpu:1 started (0) 18
Jul 21 19:28:22 osmc kernel: [bcm2709_boot_secondary] cpu:2 started (0) 18
Jul 21 19:28:22 osmc kernel: [bcm2709_boot_secondary] cpu:3 started (0) 17
Jul 21 19:30:08 osmc sudo[536]: osmc : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/mv /var/tmp/config.txt /boot/config.txt
Jul 21 19:30:08 osmc mediacenter[323]: mv: failed to preserve ownership for ‘/boot/config.txt’: Operation not permitted

Can someone give me an idea on what is referring the “start job” on my /boot disk?


This is not an error it is just an cosmetic issue and not related to your problem.
Your problem must be somewhere else. I suggest to provide full logs so that we can help you.

Hi fzinken,

thx for your answer, here my logs; tell me if you need more




I can not access pastebin sites from current network. Suggest to use OSMC loguploader (grab-logs) to upload the logs.

I can not directly identify (from on OS point of view) what slows down your boot times. But my gut feeling is that it might be some of the repos/addons you installed which I can not comment further on.

Thx fzinken,
was my suspect too; just to be sure that was not OS in any manner.