Stream out audio from Vero 4k+ via AirPlay


I have Vero 4k+ connected to HDMI1 on TV and TV is connected to AV reciever via HDMI2/ARC. Unfortunately my TV doesn’t passthrough multichannel sound from one HDMI input to ARC.
And I Have an Apple TV box, which can stream out audio via AirPlay directly to AV receiver in multichannel.
So my question is: “Is it possible to stream out audio via AirPlay from Vero 4k+?”

There is at least one thread on this forum from someone attempting AirPlay streaming but this really should not be needed. Your TV likely will pass surround in AC3 so you should be able to set your audio as 2 channel, enable passthrough, AC3, and AC3 transcoding to get the multichannel to pass over ARC.

thank you for an advise, but not sure, what you mean by this:

  • set your audio as 2 channel, (in Kodi, sound settings, right?)
  • enable passthrough, (OK)
  • AC3,(what?, where?)
  • and AC3 transcoding to get the multichannel to pass over ARC. (what?, where?)

Correct. You may have change the settings level to advanced or expert to see all the settings but they are all in the same place. Please see the Kodi wiki on audio settings…

And you might also be interested in the following guide as well…


I know, how to set audio as two channel and enable passthrough. But I am confused by next text:

  • AC3, (what?, where?)
  • and AC3 transcoding to get the multichannel to pass over ARC. (what?, where?)
    This I don’t understand.

That is all explained in first link from @darwindesign. You configure everything in Kodi Audio settings.

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Well, maybe there is some misundertood… Let me explain again.
I have Yamaha receiver Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital plus, DTS-HD Master audio etc. capable. My problem is to deliver this sound from Vero to receiver through HDMI input and ARC output on TV. Vero is connected to HDMI1 on TV and form HDMI2 on TV is ARC link to receiver. Seems, that TV doesn’t passthrough this multichannel sound through its HDMI ports. Netflix app on TV sends multichannel sound OK. Apple TV device streams multichannel sound through AirPlay to receiver excellent, too.
My original question was, if I could have some (AirPlay) adaptor or Kodi-app which will send the sound wireless.
I don’t get, how could help me to downmix the sound to 2 channels and then what?

Is your avr able to,passthrough 4k/hdr? Then you could connect your vero to avr, all the sounds are then accessible and display will go to tv. But if your avr is “too old” then you can only get sound that will pass arc.

Hi, MTv,

yes, it is capable, and I understand, it is a “natural” way how to do this. But in this case I wouldn’t be able to use TV’s remote for switching video inputs (on TV). The TV’s remote is very handy unlike the receiver’s one.

Perhaps if you had read the second link I posted it would have lead to a better understanding of how this all works. The “2 channels” is how many LPCM channels the input device supports, not how many audio channels is being output. You said you were using ARC which is limited to transmitting uncompressed stereo, or surround sound compressed with AC3 or DTS. I outlined how to get surround sound over ARC via AC3.

If you wanted HD audio support you would have to either plug the Vero directly into the AVR or else have both an AVR and TV that supports eARC.

If you have CEC enabled your TV likely is able to switch sources on your AVR connected devices.

This is not a normally supported feature of any media player that is not made by Apple. You could search out how to do it, and you might be able to get it to work, but likely it will end with you frustrated by it either not working, or not working well enough that you wouldn’t go back to the normal way this equipment was designed to be used.