Streaming question urlresolver http error

question is resolved

It returns an error 500, that is an internal server error…
Looks like something on the other end, just google the error :relaxed:

awesome, I am all for things that are out of my control. I made 3 systems for friends/family and I usually tell them it is the link and to try another one. Glad to be right.

is it sporadic or will this link fail every time?

if you can click the link as you see it (which incidentally, i can as well), it may be a dns cache issue locally on the pi, or network config somewhere along the line…

if it were me, i would prolly ssh in and run something like

wget -O - -q your-log-link | curl -F ‘sprunge=<-’

or if its not bad form

wget -O - -q your-log-link | paste-log

and post the link (if it looks like web source, then the pi can hit the page…)

hope this might help

I’m sorry but, this is treading very close to the line guys. I’d be very careful where this discussion goes. Second to that, this is really an issue that seems to be more directly dependent on Kodi and not specific to OSMC. Seeking resolution on Kodi forum would probably more relevant.


ah… thats a little unexpected… definitely not a 500 error, so general dns on the pi seems good!!!

might help others with a deeper understanding of kodi help you out (hoping to get more involved myself this year…) but, if URLResolver is consistently reporting a 500 for this link, but the pi can hit the page at a lower level, then there is a problem somewhere…

if its a sporadic issue, could be any number of network related things… i got the impression that its a consistent issue

hope this helps with any further troubleshooting man

apologies… was focused entirely on the underlying cause and trying to give a little back… never even occured to me :frowning:

completely understood

This is a great thought :wink:

You might just delete the link as it is technically against TOS.