Stuck ATV1

installed OSMC on ATV1 HD, (with Broadcom video card). All IPTV channels load (and EPG) in Kodi but when I try to play the screen goes blank then defaults back to home screen. Also cannot delete / uninstall OSMC, tried the methods online (PiBaker, how I originally installed OSMC) but will not overwrite. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry can’t help with restoring, not an ATV1 owner, but:

Assuming you are using IPTV Simple Client, if not please advise? Sound you like your playlist is not up to date, logs will confirm this:

If it is out of date, your iptv provider will be able to provide an updated playlist.

Thanks Tom.

IPTV uses a lot of RAM and AppleTV doesn’t have a lot to spare

Hi Tom, thanks for the reply, my playlist is fine, would not show channels and epg if not plus works on VLC on my Mac.It is though there is no video player associated with the files. I would really like to estore the ATV back to OSX, that is my realproblem now.