Stuck on Install

I am sorry for such a Newbie question right off the bat…

I purchased a Raspberry Pi system from Microcenter…the SD card is self contained in the system so I can’t take it out. I have Debian on it and when I go to download it I get stuck on a few items…when I go to configure the download I go Linux and then to Debian. This is where I get stuck…

First, How do I find out which Debian I have on my Raspberry Pi ? Then it talks about a Repository and installing it manually…I have no clue where I go to do this and how…Sorry, I am a Newbie…

Help ?

Thank you for any advice, links or help!


You are mistaken. It is certainly removable.

You should probably start here Help Guides and Resources - How to Use Raspberry Pi

The things you are asking have nothing to do with OSMC and more to do with the Pi itself. If you have more questions, ask on the forums.

OSMC is an OS, so it cannot be appended to the presumably Raspbian installation you have received.

You will need to remove the card and reimage it. Technically it’s possible to avoid this, but I would recommend loading the card via a computer as it is the best way to guarantee the OS is written properly.

You should be able to remove it.

I guess he means this one.
You will need to open the case to get the sd out.