Stuck on installing files

i bought it pre jailbroke with xbmc gotham already installed but who ever installed it completely wiped the software and it boots straight into xbmc, so i downloaded this and wrote the image to a usb pen, put then pen into the apple tv and booted from usb by holding menu and - buttons, it has gone through the installing phase, the progress bar is full but it still says installing files and has done for around half an hour now can you help please

got it working now i tried a different usb stick and installed first time but how can i get it onto the HDD so that i dont need to leave the stick installed

Glad to hear you got USB install working.
99.99% of the time, being stuck at “installing files” is due to an incompatible USB stick.

As for installing to the HDD…
With the current testing HDD installer you can’t.
As has been recommended in other threads, normal users should use the USB install.

Once a stable HDD installer has been released, HDD install will be fully supported.

ok cheers look forward to the HDD installer in the near future