Stuck on Rainbow screen


I have a rpi2 and so far nothing works for me, I was using a Sandisk card now I bought a Transcend 32Gb premium 400X and does not work, it gets stuck on the start screen the rainbow one, I did the tdoverlay on the config file and I use the last image 2015.1.11 but not sure if I have the correct image on the sd card, I am using a mac but i guess thats not the problem also i tried with Noobs and get the same situation always stuck on the rainbow,
how many files and what are the names of the files that i should have on the image, should I have a name on the card, my card is label no name

files in my card:

config.txt - inside this one:

hope that some one can help me here

I’ve moved your post to a new thread because you do not have the sdhost issue that was described in the thread you posted in. If you did you would be stuck on the blue OSMC splash screen, not on the rainbow screen.

If you are stuck on the rainbow screen then it means 9 times out of 10 that you have installed the wrong image for your device, eg Pi 1 image on a Pi 2 or vica versa. Can you please confirm which model of Pi you have and that you have definitely used the correct image.

thanks a lot for your help, yes you right I thought that I had the rpi2, didn’t know that a new version was out so mine is rpi B+, anyway all is working now with Transcend 32Gb and no need to do anything else just install the image on the sd card.
thanks a gain good job,