Stuttering during IPTV playback


I’m suffering from heavy stuttering, pausing and buffering during IPTV playback. I’m using the ITPV simple client on a Raspberry PI 3B+.

I’ve attached the logs so wondering if anybody can spot anything that might help solve the problem? Or any settings I can try to help?



Have you installed today’s build?

No, didn’t realise there was an update today. Installing now.

Still the same unfortunately…

Latest logs are here

It’s stuttering because you have Adjust Refresh Rate disabled.

Changed it to ‘always’ and it’s still the same.

Also still the same stream stalled messages in the logs.

If the stream is stalling, you’ll need to seek advice from the IPTV stream provider.
I’d still provide fresh logs and try a fallback framerate however.

Also keep in mind that some providers block OSMC.